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UPDATE 8/12/2013: Classes don't start until there are enough sign ups. Register at the bottom of the page to find out when classes will start.

First week will be free! I think everyone needs a chance to give it a shot to see if they like it. If not I'll become a hermit and practice meditation.

Keep up to date through the Google+ Zombie Hero Workout page. All workout news like when classes start, cancellations, or changes to the class schedule will be posted there.


The Zombie Hero Workout is the ultimate workout for zombie survivalists and zombie fans in Colorado Springs, Colorado. It's also relatively inexpensive.

This is the fastest way to get in shape, and it's easy to do! If you've ever hoped for zombies when the world ends, then this workout is exactly what you'll need to make sure you've got what it takes to survive.

This is a very versatile workout, meaning you can use it to lose weight, gain muscle, or both. Of course, no matter how you use it, it's primary goal is to teach you how to survive the zombie apocalypse.

What exactly is The Zombie Hero Workout?

The Zombie Hero Workout is 60% cardio and fitness, 30% zombie info and preparedness, and 10% self-defense.

It is mainly a fitness program, designed to make you a great runner who will never get caught by a zombie, to get you in shape so that you'll be strong enough to move whatever you need to, to never get weary, to know exactly how to deal with zombies, and to make you look good while doing it.

This program is designed to turn you into a zombie hero.


12 and up. The Zombie Hero Workout is primarily a fitness class, so do keep that in mind.

Every participant must sign a liability waiver before starting their first class. Children under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign as well.


Sign up with the form below to reserve your spot!

Mondays and Wednesdays: 5-6:30PM, in Palmer Park

Class schedules and times will grow as more people sign up. Eventually I will offer online courses for the zombie hero workout, but for now I'm offering in-person classes in Colorado Springs, where I live.


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Classes will be held outdoors at the south end of Palmer Park. If weather prohibits us from having class, I will try to reschedule when everyone is free.

(From Academy going south: take a right on Maizeland)

(From Academy going north: take a left on Maizeland)

Take a right on Paseo Rd.

Take your first right into the park

Classes will be held directly left of the baseball fields. For the closest parking, take the next left, and parking will be on your left.

Additional parking is available.

What you get:

  • a beginning fitness test, with a new test every four weeks
  • weekly zombie survival info sheet handouts
  • homework (always optional, includes movie and book trivia, survival items to get, and at home workout timecards)
  • a supportive zombie fan peer group
  • "battles" and games that will improve your body and entertain your brain
  • certificates of completion every time you beat your best workout scores: current levels of certification include: zombie awareness student, zombie survivor, zombie killer, zombie hunter, and zombie hero.

What you don't get:

This is not a gun course or weapons course. However, I do include basic instruction on how to defend against an armed attacker, as some zombies have been known to carry weapons, and in an apocalypse, you may face hooligans as well.

I also teach how to use most any item you can find as a weapon, as zombies usually come out of nowhere and you need to be able to defend yourself at any given second.

What you learn:

I've designed this workout from many different workout programs I've done over the years, including The Insanity Workout, P90X, Fit Zombie, and martial arts, including karate and krav maga.

You will get a little bit of everything, making you a well-rounded Zombie Hero:

  • cardio (rule #1 for zombie survival)
  • exercises that put you ahead of the rest
  • how to get six-pack abs
  • what foods to eat to enhance your "zombie hero" status
  • basic self-defense training
  • self-defense against zombies, when there's nowhere to run
  • basic melee weapons training
  • holding weapons the correct way
  • blending in: how to look like a zombie to get past the hordes
  • zombie anatomy
  • what zombies are, what they want, how to avoid them, how to kill them
  • being alert
  • developing a positive attitude in a cynical world (actually very important to survival)
  • how to sneak up on zombies and hooligans
  • boxing sessions (against a zombie)
  • conserving your energy
  • basic parkour
  • working as a team
  • how to make your own survival kit
  • how to plan your escape
  • how to be a leader
  • setting traps and alarms
  • building confidence, not overconfidence (in your workout and your life)

We will also have zombie tag battles. We will split up into two teams: "zombies" and "survivors." The goal of the humans is to gather the weapons or supplies from one area and transfer them to the survivor base. The goal of the zombies is to eat!

What to bring:

  • water (I will bring extra water as well)
  • workout clothes (or clothes you don't mind sweating in)
  • gym shoes, running shoes, or comfy shoes

What not to bring:

  • jewelry
  • a bad attitude

Future Events and Additions:

Eventually I will add games, events, and other fun stuff to the schedule, including:

  • zombie walks
  • costume parties
  • VS battles (Humans VS Zombies)
  • treasure hunts
  • reenactments (read: making a zombie video for YouTube!)
  • pads, gloves, wooden/rubber practice weapons


$30 per month, per person. Military is $25 per month. There are no contracts.

Currently, cash and PayPal will be accepted. The first trial month for everyone is $25. After that it is $30 for non-military.

My guarantee:

If you're not satisfied with the classes in the first 30 days, I'll refund your first month's dues, no questions asked.

I will do my absolute best to make these classes informative, challenging, and very, very fun! However, if it's not your thing, or you don't like my style, or any other reason, I won't be offended.

Most gyms and martial arts centers charge initiation fees on top of their monthly fees, plus contracts. I don't do any of that. One monthly fee, cancel at any time. Zombie survival is a very specialized field of fitness, and I suppose I could charge more for the information I provide, but I don't want to do that.

I want anyone to be able to join and make their fitness goals enjoyable.

Classes won't start until there is a 15 person sign-up minimum. Sign up to reserve your spot!

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Cash or PayPal is accepted. I need a minimum number of participants before I make online payment available, as I won't start classes until there is enough interest.

Sign up with the form above now and save your spot!


The Zombie Hero Workout is a fitness program. Please consult with your doctor/physician prior to attending. You are responsible for your training. Neither I, Kevin Bond, nor Helpzombies will be held responsible or liable for any actions taken by any participant in this program.

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