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Easy Zombie Makeup: No Face Paint Needed

You probably have everything you need to do your own easy zombie makeup, without having to go to the store! Although it probably won’t look as good as what you can get from the store or a costume shop, it still shouts zombie!

Text instructions with pictures are also below.

Easy Zombie Makeup

What you’ll need:
  • conditioner – for your hair
  • black eyeshadow and eyeliner
  • makeup sponge (you can use your fingers if you don’t have one)
  • baby powder/talcum powder/cornstarch – for making your face white
  • face lotion – to help the powder stick to your face
  • fake blood (which you can make with corn syrup and red food coloring!)
  • oil (mineral, olive, petroleum jelly) – to get your eyeliner off
  • q-tips – not necessary, but they help with eyeliner removal and putting blood on your face
easy-zombie-makeup-1Easy Zombie Makeup Preparation:
  • Of course, wash your face before you start. You can use a facial cleanser if you have one, but soap and water works well too. Dry your face well before you start.
  • Also, make sure to check the ingredients of anything you put on your face, so you don’t have an allergic reaction. Usually you don’t have to worry about this so much until you get more advanced and start using liquid latex.
  • If you’re concerned about anything you’re putting on your skin, rub a small amount on the underside of your arm and give it 15-20 minutes to see if you have a reaction.
easy-zombie-makeup-2Easy Zombie Makeup Steps:
  • Slather your hair in conditioner. Use a lot more than you would normally use. It’ll make it look slimy and greasy, like a zombie’s hair would be.
  • easy-zombie-makeup-3Use the black eyeliner to get close to your eyelids. Doesn’t look that scary if you’ve got pink skin popping from underneath.

I used a bit more than you should around my eyes, try to use more eyeshadow when you’re going around the eyes as it blends with the powder better.

  • easy-zombie-makeup-4Cover your eyes and eyelids with the black eyeshadow. You want your whole eye area to be covered because it’s going to give your eyes that “sunken in” look.

You don’t need to go overboard with the black, as this is easy zombie makeup, not ghost or skeleton makeup.

  • easy-zombie-makeup-5Use the makeup sponge (or fingers) and powder to cover your whole face. Apply the powder above your eye and below your eyebrow as well to give your eyes that extra “pop.”

Add a few small dabs of lotion to help the powder stick to your face. Play around with it until you get a happy medium between a white face and a dirty look.

Here I used cornstarch and some old face lotion that was sitting around, I think someone left it here a month or two ago lol.

  • easy-zombie-makeup-6Add a small amount of eyeshadow to the lines in your face to create some shadows, like under your cheekbones. Blend that into your face as well. Creates more face depth. Also add some to your eyebrows if they’ve gotten white powder on them.

The eyeshadow highlights will give your face a greyer look, which was what I wanted. Remember, you’re going for zombie makeup, not ghost.

I added some eyeshadow to my lips to darken them, as a zombie doesn’t have bright skin. You can use lipstick instead if you have it.

You don’t have to go very detailed, cause this is supposed to be easy zombie makeup, not The Walking Dead or anything.

  • easy-zombie-makeup-7Drip a bit of blood on your face, your lower lip, neck, and shirt. The blood will drip down, so add it to the parts of your face where you want the “cuts” to be, and around your mouth so it looks like you “just ate.”

Q-tips work well for putting blood on, so you don’t get a mess all over your fingers.

You can let some fake blood drip in your mouth too, it’ll temporarily stain your teeth and make it look more convincing!

  • easy-zombie-makeup-8Mess up your hair! Add more conditioner if you want it to look greasy, as it’s probably dried by now.

What did I tell you? Easy zombie makeup!

Presto! All finished! Add some zombie contact lenses if you have some, cause they’ll really give the finishing touch on your easy zombie makeup. Take some pose shots:
  • easy-zombie-makeup-cleanupCleanup is easy. Use soap and water and/or take a shower and wash your face two or three times and you’re done!

The fake blood cleans up pretty easy, just scrub a bit if you get it on the counter and it comes right off.

I left the eyeliner on in this pic so I could see what I’d look like as an emo kid.

Result? …Nah. I’ll pass on that part of my life.

Easy Zombie Makeup Tips
  • You can also wash your hair right before you go to bed, to give your hair that “messed up” look!
  • Add some red lipstick to your lips if you’re going for a “sexy zombie” look. You can add dark lipstick to guys and girls, but I don’t feel this is a realistic look.
  • Try some zombie contact lenses¬†to enhance your zombie makeup look even more!
  • Put whatever costume you will be wearing on before you apply your zombie makeup, so you don’t smudge your face afterward.
  • Any clothes will do, as zombies come in all shapes, sizes, and ages of decay. Personally I feel that making holes and rips in clothes is cheesy. It doesn’t look like a zombie, it looks like you ripped it on purpose. Worn or frayed clothing looks a lot better.
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