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Are We the American Zombie?

The American Zombie is alive and real.

The American Zombie is alive and real.

The American Zombie.

We have real zombies living in our country. American Zombies. This is part of why I don’t like living in America anymore. Our political commercials are a joke. Romney lied about Obama ending work requirements for welfare, and what did we Americans do as a nation?


Now that may not ping your spidersense/zombiesense, but it did mine.

Romney lied.

I realize that most if not all politicians lie, but Romney intentionally misled us as a people, we seriously caught it, and we’re just ok with that? He goes on as the Republican candidate?

Not only that, Mitt Romney, as governor, was far more flexible with work requirements for welfare, so he has no right to talk.

Now I’m not saying that I’m necessarily an Obama fan either. I haven’t really been a fan of Republicans or Democrats ever since I could vote.

I seem to remember a certain blowjob that had us all up in arms about impeachment. That was a lie too, and that’s what we did to him.

Now I know Romney is not under oath (and hopefully won’t be), but he doesn’t have to be for you to realize that if he’s going to lie now, he’s going to lie in office.

American zombie government is corrupt, government spending is horrible, and Americans watch NASCAR like real life zombies and act like everything that happens to them in politics, religion, or life, is personal, like we’re in middle school.

Everyone has different opinions on what’s going to work, but can’t we drop representatives that are going to lie to our faces?

Abortion, birth control, gay rights, marijuana, and universal health care are some of the issues on the line right now, and these are some of our basic freedoms. Why are we voting on basic freedoms? That’s what 1776 was for. That’s what America was for. It wasn’t for an American zombie.

I didn’t learn about succession from the British and grow up patriotic just to have to convince other people that America is supposed to be a free country. I shouldn’t have to vote on whether gay marriage should be legal.

It’s a free country. Law is here to protect and serve us.

Say we make gay marriage illegal. What’s that going to do? Seriously, what is that going to protect us from? Were we going to start a zombie apocalypse if we legalized it? Were real zombies going to burst from homes and start eating us?

This is your politics. It’s not about parties, or voting, or issues. These are not issues. These are freedoms.

We have all become zombies. Take your country back, or leave it and live in a new country, but don’t live here and let it slip away. Don’t forget why we’re Americans, and never assume that we’re the greatest country on earth, because we’re far from it.

Own your country. I’ve even though about somehow offering reeducation courses. Somebody somewhere should do it, because the political campaigns are mindless, and the issues we’re voting on are stupid.

Let’s help our country and let’s not let it crumble any more.

Watch this video on YouTube to see what sparked this rant of mine. (warning: language)

Have your own opinion on the American Zombie?

I’d love to hear it, and I’m sure our fellow American zombie survivors would as well. Leave some thoughts in the comments section below! I’ll join in as much as time permits me as well.

I understand this is politics, but please keep things civil. :)

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